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I take my position at he west-side saute station. Three gas burners lie in front of me, each supporting a Cizron pan. The pans have more than two-thousand dinners worth of wear on them. I reviewed everything again: to my left are three full pans of sauces - Excessively thick Alfredo, runny fontina, and a Scilian sauce that is spicy enough you tear blood. Two-ouce ladles lien in these pans, which resnt within a built-in steam bath heated to 165 degree Fehrenheit.

To the left of me sits the Pasta Perfect pasta cooker. This two-and-one-half feet-tall meteal box hold six gallons of 165 degree water heated by a gas-burning core. Two steel-mesh baskets perch partially submerged in the water with burned and melted green plastic handles. These baskets are so worn that som eof the mesh has streched to quater-sized holes. To my right I see my friend and partner, Mike, who is stuck here as well. He has the same setup on his right: three burners, over-used pans, and a pasta cooker.

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