Restaurant Design

Have you ever noticed that some restaurants have a great layout, the dining area is so open and airy and others it feels like you are sitting on top of the person next to you and you are not even with them? Well, believe it or not the restaurants that have more open space are designed that way for two reasons. One reason is that they want to create a perfect dining experience for their customers and the second reason is that the wait staff can easily navigate their way to the table in order to bring you that perfect dining experience.

If you have ever noticed that when you go to

a restaurant that is crowded that it takes longer to get your food and even a waiter to begin with. Tables so close together cause confusion and sometimes disaster. Even though the food may be worth the wait, in a poorly designed restaurant you may be waiting a long time.

In restaurants where the space is open and traffic can flow freely in the dining area, the same may be said of the kitchen. When a kitchen is crowded there is a lot of confusion and orders get messed up and food sometimes comes out cold. Most people really don’t realize this when they visit a restaurant all they notice is that they either got their food in a timely manner or they had to wait for an hour to get their appetizer.

Next time you are in a restaurant, take notice of the design and see if what we said is true. On the Fox TV show Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsey travels from place to place looking to help restaurants in trouble get more customers. One thing he almost always changes is the design of the dining area. He believes that an open area and an area where the staff can navigate is a part of a successful dinner service or lunch service.

The design of the restaurant is just as important as how good the food tastes or how well you get served. With a crowded restaurant it shows that they just want to get as many people in the door as they can. The places that have tables on top of tables almost guarantees a slower turn around time for your meal or even your waiter to get to you so you can order.

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